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We have 15 locations throughout Lake Worth and West Palm Beach . Each one of our sober living facilities have house managers who work a solid program and lead by example. By having supportive, compassionate staff and facilities that are decorated for comfort and style, our clients enjoy the finest living and recovery possible. Our facilities are nicely decorated for our residents. We have cable TV in every room, wi-fi, and a washer and dryer in each unit. We supply all the essentials such as bedding and kitchen needs (you supply your own toiletries, food and paper products). We offer single and double rooms, and do make certain restrictions with couples. Weekly rent ranges in price from $175/week and up depending on optional fees for additional services as well as appropriate placement according to each individual client’s needs.


Please call us for specific details on pricing.


Prior to occupancy the following funds are required:

First Week Rent Payment

Last Week Rent Payment

Non-Refundable Processing Fee $100


Recovery Program Phases


Stepping Stones offers a phased approach to assisting individuals in their recovery process. All phases are determined on an individual basis as your recovery team monitiors your personal recovery path. Upon entering Stepping Stones each client is individual screened to see what phase is appropriate. We meet each client where they are at in their recovery to meet their needs individually.

Recovery Program – Phase I

Phase I Program Structure:

Expectations and Privileges


Remain Abstinent

No visitors for the first seven days

No Passes the first two weeks from admission date

Limited Budget

Obtain 5 same sex phone numbers a week (sober supports)

Attend all mandatory meetings including our in-house relapse prevention group and step studies (seperate men only and women only groups)

Journaling daily


Recovery Program – Phase II

Phase II Program Structure:

Expectations and Privileges


Remain Abstinent

Obtain Sponsor

Work the Steps with your Sponsor

Build support group

Join a Home Group

Daily Meetings

One Pass Per Week (must attend meeting while on pass)

Prior to departing for your pass, apartment and chore inspection must be satisfactory or pass will be revoked

Attend all mandatory meetings

Journaling daily

Job search


Recovery Program – Phase III, IV, & V

Phase III-V Program Structure:

Expectations and Privileges


Attend All Mandatory Group and Individual Sessions

Must Be Employed, Volunteering or Attending School

Assigned a Little Brother or Sister

Passes Two Times Per Week Upon Satisfactory Approval

Apartment and Chore Duties

Possibility to Extend Curfew Hours

Possibility for Overnight Pass

Work with Sponsor

Continue Daily 12-Step Meetings

Possibility of becoming House Manager (Use of Personal Vehicle)