Why You Should Join Our Alumni Program


Stay Connected With Other Recovering Addicts

One of the reasons we have this program is to help you build a network of others who are also in addiction recovery. After transitioning out of sober living, there’s sometimes that fear of entering a world of sobriety where you’re no longer safe. This opens up the communication and connects you with others who are in a similar situation.

Safe Environment

This is a place where you can go and feel safe knowing that nobody’s going to pressure you into using, or see anybody using. This is a safe place where you can participate in substance-free activities.

Continued Support And Resources

The Alumni Program is built on the foundation of offering support for those in recovery. Our program will provide you with the necessary support and resources to maintain sobriety. Our goal with this program is become a family element where you can come to talk, build relationships, receive continued education, participate in fun events and activities, and more.


What Kind Of Activities Does The Alumni Program Include?

  • Events
  • Fundraising
  • Cookouts
  • Scholarship funding for treatment
  • Group activities
  • Family activities

Recovery is a process. Take it one day at a time. One step at a time.

Join Today and Together We Can Build a Family and Conquer a Life of Sobriety