About Us

LL&R’s Stepping Stones offers sober living programs in Palm Beach County, FL to empower individuals with the tools they need to successfully enter into a long term recovery program. We offer flexible transitional recovery programs to our residents in a supportive environment where they learn, grow, and are encouraged. We work with individuals at all phases of the recovery process, whether someone is just beginning to take their first step in recovery to those who have been venturing down the recovery path for years and needs a supportive environment to continue that journey forward. Residents of Stepping Stones are given an inviting, supportive, yet structured sober living environment and have full access to a variety of programs, therapy and activities to help achieve long term recovery and independence. Our staff is truly committed to each of our residents and want to impart our own experience, knowledge, and empowerment to our residents to help them be successful in their recovery process. We believe therapy alone is not enough for someone recovering from addiction. We have an alternative approach as we believe life skills, support, and safe environment, in addition to therapy will help someone to gain the independence they are seeking.


L.L. & R’s Stepping Stones Sober Living Facility is a residential 12-Step Program for men and women. Our facilities are in Palm Beach County, FL and close to beaches and parks, which gives our residents a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere while transitioning into long term recovery and independent living.


Our Sober Living Facilities offer a safe, supportive atmosphere where men and women can form new healthy friendships and learn how to manage real life responsibilities such as employment and education. Even more importantly, integrate these responsibilities into their new recovery program. Our programs give individuals a fresh start, with new friends and a new way of life.

We have fifteen sober houses, seven in Lake Worth and eight in West Palm Beach. Some of our Sober Living facilities are walking distance to meetings. All are close to shopping, public transportation, meetings, and the beach. We assist our residence in their recovery programs by giving them access and transportation to their therapy sessions, meetings, finding jobs, finding a sponsor, and/or any other additional needs as may be required.

We have a structured and supportive environment. There is a mandatory relapse prevention group every Wednesday night and also step study groups every Monday night (we supply pizza). We are affiliated with different Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Programs that accept insurance. For those who do not have insurance we have a Therapist, who donates her time, and offers group and individual sessions. We are a caring, hands on sober living facility and we welcome you to join our family.